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I wanted to do a second post. I wanted to repost a short post on millennials. Here it is:

I've been hearing recently about how horrible millennials are. They don't work hard. They expect to be recognized for everything. They're leaving the family home unprepared for 'real life.' They're not leaving the family home at all; they're living in Mom & Dad's basement and not buying their own homes. They aren't saving. They're spending their money all wrong. Etc. Etc.

It's a big stinking pile of rotting compost. Guess what the experts were saying about my generation back in the day? Can you guess? Exactly, we were accused of being lazy and not wanting to work hard. We were accused of expecting more than we were due, of not moving out of Mom & Dad's house fast enough, of not saving the world the way we should, and spending our money on the wrong things. Etc. Etc.

Sound familiar?

Yup. At a guess the current batch of 'experts' has no more imagination than the last batch, or the ones before them, or the ones before them. It wouldn't surprise me to find that some Neanderthal cave paintings are their old fogeys complaining about 'young people today.' As near as I can tell the world's been going to hell in a handbasket since the first humans got old enough to complain about how the younger ones didn't properly appreciate how there was now fire to cook with and keep predators away. "Back in my day we ate our food raw. Kids today are spoiled."

All the garbage now is all the garbage they've been saying since the beginning. Nothing is ever good enough. They always had it so much harder than everyone else. No one appreciates them. Etc. Etc. Don't bother to listen. It's not worth your time. Just do me a favor. Remember this when the next batch of gold geezers is wheezing on about the kids in the future. Particularly when you're the old geezers. Like me. :-)

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