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Another One of Those Days

Just one of those days. Well, the other evening could have gone better. The day hadn’t been too bad. When I woke up I still wasn’t independently wealthy and had to go to work, but that’s just normal. However when I tried to get stuff done in the evening, that’s when I ran into trouble. First I tried to walk the dog. As we were walking along, minding our own business (at least I was, the dog was sniffing everything), I heard the unmistakable sound of sprinklers coming on. I wasn’t immediately concerned. We’ve walked through sprinklers before, a few pattering drops that dry off quickly, no big deal. But these were the big, industrial sprinklers between the park and the school. Before I realized it one of the jets of cold water hit me on my left side. It literally pushed me sideways.

The dog and I ran out of there really quick. Drip, drip, dripping as we went. Both of us were soaked, from the ribs down (in my case) or the ribs back (in the dog’s case), on the left side and across our back ends. I expect that from behind it looked like I’d wet myself, since my white jacket didn’t really show the water, but my dark pants did. Sigh. And of course there was a group of teenage boys playing basketball at the park. Don’t know if they noticed. They didn’t slow their game down.

So the dog and I returned home, with having only walked about a quarter to a third of our usual walk. I just didn’t want to walk around the neighborhood with one shoe squelching and my clothes clinging wetly to my left side.

So we get home and I change completely. I decided instead of trying again I was going to get some supper. No one felt like cooking, so we were having cold cereal. I picked the generic cocoa flavored rice crisp cereal. It makes the milk nice and chocolatey. When I finished I went to drink the remaining milk from my bowl, and spilled it down the front of me.

At that point I decided it was a sign from God that I should just give up and go to bed. Must have been the right decision. I didn’t get wet the rest of the night.

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