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Expiration Dates

Okay, so since when did education have an expiration date? I know people are weird, but this is too weird. I've got two kids still in college. They're taking it slowly, because they don't want to take out a bunch of student loans. So they're working their way through a couple classes each semester. They can work and go to school, and end up with fewer student loans. Now they've been told that their ACT scores have expired and they have to take remedial classes since they have no proof they know the material. You know, like English and Math. Stuff they've been doing since elementary school.

So does this mean high school diplomas also have an expiration date? How about bachelors degrees? This has got to be the stupidest thing I've heard ever. Someone needs to get a grip.

I know why the colleges are doing this. It's another revenue source for them. The more classes they can force kids to take the more money they make. Because, of course, those courses don't count toward their degree. It's basically money for nothing for the schools. My daughter was reading at the twelfth-grade level by the time she was in middle-school, but since she didn't take any English courses yet they want her to take a non-credit class. The fact that she has been writing papers for the classes she has taken doesn't count. I guess those weren't in English. Sigh. And my son is in the same boat.

This is truly the dumbest thing I've ever heard.

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