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I am Evil. Sort of.

I was talking with my daughters the other day, they were reminiscing about stuff from their school days. Somehow we got onto the topic of all those signatures the schools want from parents for so many, many things. I hated it. I couldn't keep up with it. The kids would come home with stacks of papers. Some needing to be signed, some just notifications of this or that. Some teachers wanted a parental signature on every day of the calendar planners they'd given the kids. It was annoying.

I'd had it with trying to keep up with all the signatures. I finally just told the kids to forge my signature. They were free to sign any stupid piece of paper required by their teacher/school. The deal was as long as they kept me informed about important things, they could continue forging my signature and I would tell everyone I signed the papers. This method worked like a charm.


My older daughter takes after me. A lot. So once she signed my name on the paper right in front of her teacher, because whatever it was it was late and the teacher wanted it now. The teacher was unhappy about this, and threatened to call her mother. So my daughter said that was a great idea and the teacher should call me. As I'd promised my kids, I told the teacher that, yes indeed, I'd signed the form. The teacher told me that she'd seen my daughter sign the form, and she knew I hadn't signed it. I told her I didn't know anything about that, because I had signed it.

The teacher was angry and frustrated, but there really wasn't anything she could do about it.

I'd forgotten all about it, until my daughter reminded me. Now you know. Sometimes I'm evil.

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