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Argh. I hate headaches.

I have a headache. I hate headaches. Not sure what is causing it today. Could be the changing weather, could be the haze in the air, could be the politics in DC. So much to choose from. Bet I'm not the only one. I can only assume I'm not the only one feeling rotten today. I do wonder about people sometimes. What in the world are they thinking? Why do they treat each other so terribly? What is wrong with people?

I am not a people person. Can you tell? My husband was. I used to watch in fascination as he'd stand (or sit) around talking to people. He enjoyed it. He got a kick out of meeting new people and out of just hanging out with people. Being around other people made him feel good. Which was one of the hardest things about his life after he got sick. He spent a lot of time at home. He wasn't going out to work. He didn't get to hang out with people. He didn't get to see his friends as often as he wanted. That was very difficult for him. It made him feel isolated. He still saw us everyday; we were constantly around him. But he wanted more.

I will always be grateful to those of his friends who made the effort to stop by and talk to him. I know it was hard for them, both to carve out the time to come by and to see him looking so weak and thin and ill. But it meant so much to him.

I don't know if they knew how much we all appreciated it. I don't remember if I told them at the time. Or if I told them afterwards. But I thank them from the bottom of my heart.

So, what I'm asking you to do is to be a little nicer to people. You never know when what you do or say has made a difference to someone else, for good or for ill.

Keep in mind this is an introverted misanthrope asking you.

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