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In which I am not profound

I read other people's blogs, and I'm amazed at their absolute understanding of all situations and complete knowledge of things of which they have no experience. Incredible. Actually Incredible. As in I don't believe it. Yet they present their thoughts with rock-solid confidence.

The problem being that they are contradicting things I know from my own life experiences. I doubt it is just me. I bet everyone sees blogs occasionally that they don't agree with, or maybe not. I go out of my way to read blogs and see news from other political sides.

I always assumed most people would do this. It's always good to know what other people are thinking. It's interesting to find out about other ways of doing things, other cultures, and different ideas. Who knows, you might find something you like. You might find someone that has the same weird experiences, thoughts, or emotions. Or you might find a better way to do something. Or you might learn something about people who are completely different from you. You might learn about people who have completely different life experiences from yours, different education, different lifestyle, different everything.

It seems like a good idea. I know I don't know everything. I should try to find out about other viewpoints (to an extent, there are viewpoints I have no interest in). Learning about other cultures is fascinating, and sometimes delicious. Learning about other lifestyles and thought patterns is thought-provoking. I enjoy it.

Am I the only one? When I check some of these blogs all I find is an echo chamber. The links all lead to similar sites. No one ever responds with a serious contradiction. There doesn't seem to be any ordinary exchange of ideas.

I'm left wondering if I'm the only one.

P.S. I am working on how to get it set up so that people can respond here on this blog. I'll figure it out soon.

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