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"What are you reading now?"

I got asked that question the other day, so I stopped to think about it. I realized that for the last several months I've been re-reading books I read a long time ago. It started when I decided to read the entire "All Creatures Great and Small" series, and the biography of "James Herriot" written by Jim Wight. Since then I've been reading other biographies.

I've been reading through these for the last couple of months. I'm not sure why I went off on this track. I seem to do that. I'll binge read books along a common theme for a while then veer off on a different theme. Lately I've been thinking of re-reading Tolkien. I first read Tolkien mumble-mumble years ago. I've re-read the books a couple of times through the years, and seen most of the movies. (I know, I know, I'm behind on everything. I haven't seen the latest season of RWBY. I'm way behind on Big Bang Theory. I finally got to see Guardians of the Galaxy II. And I just heard there's going to be a Psych Movie!) I'm not totally disconnected, I'm just falling behind.

But thinking on it I realized I hadn't bought a new book in months. Wow. When did I start the twelve step program for out-of-control readers? "Hi, my name is Rebecca, and my reading is out of control." I used to have a $200 a month book habit. (Back in the days when $200 was actual money). However, I realized I hadn't bought a new (emphasis on new) book in a little over three months.

Just a few years ago I used to read between three and five books a week. Mind you, I was doing this while working full time and taking care of a sick husband. I mean I had to slow down because of all that I had to do, but I could still fit in three to five books. In my heyday I could get through seven to ten a week. Now with all the time in the world (in theory since I'm unemployed, by the way are you hiring? nevermind) I can only manage one book a week.

That's just wrong. I need to get cracking and read a bunch of books. I gotta catch up.

Misty Mountains

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