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I'm broken

The title is not a joke. It is literal. I fell this morning while walking the dog. Yes, the dog tripped me in a moment of excitement (the dog's, not mine). Though he is a larger size dog, I didn't want to fall on him, as I am much bigger than the dog. So I turned myself so as not to hurt the dog. My left foot twisted in a way nature never intended and I felt a pop. I tried to break my fall onto the concrete with my left hand. Bad idea. Several neighbors came to help me, God bless them. They got me and the dog home. My daughter took me to the emergency room, where they confirmed my worst fears. My left leg and my left wrist were both broken.

I got taken back in the emergency room immediately. And I was only there for less than two hours. I guess things were slow

The leg is not as bad as the wrist. It is a clean break through the fibula, but the pieces didn't move in relation to each other. It should heal up fine. My wrist, well, I heard the x-ray techs looking at my x-rays for my wrist. One said, "Oooooh," the other said, "Ouch." The doctor put it diplomatically as "several fractures." He managed not to say shattered. He did say he didn't think I'd need surgery, but I would need to talk to a specialist to be sure.

I'm splinted up and medicated, and I get to go to the orthopedist. What fun!

So I'm typing with one hand. Trying not to move any part of my left arm, as that causes agony.

Will keep you posted.

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