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Wednesday's post

Less than a week, and already I've messed up. I forgot to put a new blog post up yesterday. Oh well. I am sorry. I am working on it.

It's been cold and cloudy lately around here. It's not usually this cloudy. Generally cloudy weather makes me disappointed for two reasons. The first is that if it's going to be cloudy it should rain. We should get some benefit from the lack of sunshine. Unfortunately it rarely rains here. The second reason I'm generally disappointed with cloudy weather is that in the winter I have the thermostat set to drop the temperature threshold for the furnace during the day. The sun usually heats the house enough that the furnace rarely runs between sunup and sundown. But not when it's cloudy. The furnace runs all the time when it's cloudy.

However the reason I was bummed about it being cloudy this week was because it interferred somewhat with us viewing the super blue blood moon. Yes, we saw some of the show that was available, but the clouds would go scudding across obscuring the view. We weren't going to get to see all of it because the moon would set where we are before it was over. I really resented missing even that little bit because of the clouds.

I suppose I shouldn't complain. A lot of people missed it for a variety of reasons. At least I got to see some of it. Still, I wish it hadn't been so cloudy.

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