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Happy Groundhog's Day! Merry Spring Is Coming!

Happy Groundhog's Day! I haven't even checked to see what the groundhog official saw. Here it would have been his shadow. It was very sunny today. Yea!

Not that it actually makes a difference, spring won't be here until April or May at the soonest, no matter what some overgrown rodent thinks.

But I've been thinking about the garden this year. I want to start some seeds indoors. I want to do that every year. Occasionally it happens. Though most of the sprouts never make it to the garden. Usually because the years I've gotten sprouts going were the years winter decided to hang around until late may. The little sprouting cups for the seeds are just too small for the plants after a month or so. They just aren't going to last two months.

And I've been looking at the flower seeds. Those I can just fling into the flower garden and let them do their thing. We've had fairly good luck with the flowers. Then again daisies are my favorite. They are basically weeds. You'll have a hard time killing them. I know, because I tried to reduce the size of the flower garden in the front yard, this was about 5 to 7 years ago. The daisies keep on growing. Right there in the grass. They grow fast too. If I don't keep up good with the mowing they'll spring up tall and flower right there in what is now the middle of the yard.

I kind of hope I'm like a weed, or a daisy. Tough to get rid of. Keep springing back up and blooming, whether I'm wanted or not.

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