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Happy Valentines Day

Happy Valentines Day!

Sorry I missed getting the blog up the last week. I finally succumbed to the sinus infection. I eventually went to the doctor to get the antibiotics. I should be human again soon. I am sorry I didn't get the blog done.

But back to Valentines Day. My husband died a little over three years ago. I don't miss flowers and presents on Valentines day; we never did that. I was way too cheap to be interested in spending money on frivolities. However, we always bought chocolate candy on clearance in the week after Valentines Day. That I can do myself, and I often did before anyway.

I miss Alan every day. I miss talking to him. I miss being in his company. I miss everything about him. He was a great man, a marvelous person, and much, much nicer than me Things have really changed since he died. My life will never be the same. One thing hasn't changed. He still gets more phone calls than I do. People will call and ask to speak to him. The first year or so I assumed it was just people who hadn't heard, various businesses he'd worked with or had some sort of association with, some old magazines he'd once had subscriptions for, that sort of thing. I thought it would taper off after a couple of years. But no.

We've had enough calls for Alan in the last week that my daughter tells me I should tell anyone that asks to speak to Alan that they should buy a ouija board if they really want to speak to him. Though I doubt he's going to buy anything from them, and he certainly isn't interested in any business opportunities. Calling for him is rather a waste of everyone's time.

One caller (or rather series of callers) are obviously from the same business trying to sell something. I've been telling them for sometime now that he'd been dead for years. I guess they don't believe me. It is rather annoying that three years after he died he's still more popular than me.

It is rather annoying that three years after he'd dead he's still more popular than me.

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