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My Very Strange, Really Weird Life

My life is usually strange. Weird things happen all the time. It’s gotten to where I’m not surprised or particularly fazed when someone says, “It’s not supposed to do that,” or “That’s never happened before,” or “Well, that’s a stumper.” So most of the time when strange thing happen I can take it in stride. Me, my husband, my kids, we all seem to break the curve somehow. It almost seems normal any more.


This last couple of weeks or so has really thrown me. I can’t say what happened to this because it’s not over yet, and I don’t want to jinx it. Because this is one of those weird but good things

Not to worry, I’m sure something bad will happen to balance out the universe. I’m not the one in the family that gets all the good luck.

However it does mean that I might or might not be able to get this blog up on time on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday evenings.

You’ll have to forgive me. Or not, I’m not going to dictate to you. I will put the whole story up when it’s over.


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