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As I said last time I'm commuting long hours. Unfortunately, I can't use all that time writing, because I have to keep switching from bus to rail, etc. I do get about one hour straight on the bus. That's when I'm writing this, on the bus on my way home. I sleep on the way in. It's still dark at that time. It's way too early at that time. I'm not a morning person. I'm awake and writing on the way home.

While it is nice to get some time to write, without the possibility of distractions, there are some things about public transportation that I don't like. There's all the usual complaints, it costs as much or more as driving yourself but takes twice as long, no privacy, other people, etc. The people aren't so bad. At least no worse than people are normally. (I'm not a people person).

The worse part is the weather. The bus is air conditioned/heated, to an extent. But the light rail isn't really. It's not underground, the shelters at the stations aren't very big, and if the weather is bad, rain or snow, well, you're going to be wet and cold. There is some heat in the rail cars, but it is almost completely offset by the cold coming in each time the door open at each station.

Oh well.

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