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I’ve been trying to think of topics to blog about. I don’t really think of myself as an expert on any one thing. I’m more of a generalist. I know a moderate amount on a variety of subjects. Minor home repairs? No sweat. Math and science? I love it. Parenting? Raised five kids, got 3 grandkids, it’s not a record, but I can recognize when a toddler is tired or hungry or just mad. Sports? Okay, you got me there. I don’t know anything about sports. My high school gym teachers were even happier than I was when I finished my gym requirements. And I’m aware that I lack coordination. I’m not graceful. There were things I liked doing, badminton, archery, tennis. But I just don’t get into competition. Team sports are totally out, the team would kill me, cause I don’t care about the score. I enjoy doing things for the enjoyment of doing them. I only want to improve my skills so I’m just comparing me with myself from last time. If I’m improving I’m happy.

Trying to outdo someone else is just a buzz kill.

Which make me a weirdo. I’m aware of that. I’m at peace with that. And I don’t have a problem with normal people. If you like being competitive, go have a good time. Knock your socks off. Just don’t expect me to play along.

There is very little I feel competitive about in life.

Which is not that there’s nothing in life I feel like defending. Just look cross-eyed at one of my kids or my grandkids. I’ll feed you your liver.

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