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Mother worries

Once a Mom, always a Mom. Every time I hear about a disaster, or a terror attack, or other problem the first thing I think of is, “Do I have any children there? Are any of my kids in danger? What about my grandkids?” Eventually I’ll get around to worrying about the rest of my family and friends. But my main worry is for my kids an grandkids. I’m such a Mom.

My children are grown, for the most part. They have lives of their own. I know they can take care of themselves. Probably better than I could if I was there. But I still worry. They’re still my babies, even if some of them are bigger than me. I worry.

And these days I get to worry about my grandkids. Are their schoolmates nice? Have they broken any more bones? Are those deer in their yard going to leave behind any diseases? Not all my worries are sane or rational, and I know that. But I still worry. I’m such a Mom.

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