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It’s raining, it’s pouring… Well, not around here, unfortunately. We could almost always use rain. Funny though when it does rain we all miss the sun, and complain, of course. You just can’t make some people happy.

Where I grew up it rained a lot, at least compared to where I live now. It would rain for days on end. I remember several times where it rained every day for two weeks or more. It never does that here. When we went to go back and visit relatives, I remember telling the children, “Now where grandma and grandpa live water falls spontaneously from the sky.” At this point they would roll their eyes, groan, and mutter, “Yes, we know what rain is.” Oh no, they didn’t know what rain was. They’d never seen rain like I knew. Rain coming down in like a river from the sky. Or rain that got into a groove and just kept up a steady pace for days and days and days.

We also told them handy things like, “Because water falls spontaneously from the sky plants grow spontaneously on every little strip of dirt. In the medians of the road, on the sides of the road. There’s so many trees and plants growing you can’t see for miles around like here. Oh, and the sky is grey, not blue, again because of the rain and the clouds. But don’t worry to much about it because you won’t be able to see much of it, for the trees and such.”

They didn’t believe us. Until they got out there and saw for themselves.

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