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The birds are back! Actually they’ve been back for weeks now, but it’s been too cold at night to leave the windows open, so I haven’t really heard them much. I’d see one or two occasionally in the yard, but that happens all winter. Late spring and summer is when I really notice them. They make an incredible racket outside starting from before the sun rises in the morning. It’s a very nice way to wake up. Much better than the alarm clock.

Later on in the summer I don’t appreciate them as much, particularly on the weekend when I can sleep in. On those days I don’t care for the dawn chorus. But when I’ve got to get up and get to work it’s nice to know that mother nature is on the job too.

We used to put out feed for the birds, but the bird feeders were destroyed. I suspect the squirrels. They are always running along the fence, looking for a free feed. If the squirrels were nice about it, or if they could just refrain from taking one bite out of every apple, I’d probably like them better.

Now that warmer weather is here I’ll be waking up to bird calls again. Nice.

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