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Junk rant

Everything takes forever. That’s probably not true, but sometimes it seems to be. I have a long to do list, that I can’t seem to get through, because everything takes forever. I've gone out to the garage 3 or 4 times now to clean it out. And it’s still not done. Oh, it’s looking better than it was, and it has about half what it used to have in it. But I’ve still got a lot to go before I’m through. We accumulated a lot of junk over the years. I hadn’t realized how much until I started getting rid of things after my husband died. Wow did we have a LOT of junk.

Unfortunately it really is junk. Most of it is not something that we could sell and get some money back. It’s just junk. Flat out worthless junk. Quite a bit of it has gone into the trash, slowly but surely. With the trash it’s better that way. If I got rid of this all at once I’d need to get a couple of those rent-a-dumpsters. That would cost a pretty penny, which I ain’t got. This way I put a couple extra bags out each week with the trash. It doesn’t cost me any extra, and I still get rid of the trash.

The stuff that’s not trash, but not something I want to keep we donate. That’s also been helping us to get rid of junk. Maybe someone else can use it. The nice thing is they come and pick it up. ARC has taken to calling us every month to see if we’ve got a little more. Yup, we sure do. We put it out on the driveway in the morning, they come haul it away. We did try to have a yard sale, to sell stuff, but we didn’t make much money. If I recall it was around $20. Not really worth our time. And I had to haul all the stuff that wasn’t bought down to the goodwill. It’s easier just to donate it and let the thrift stores sell it at yard-sale prices.

But it takes forever. I’ve been sorting through the house for over three years now, and I’m still sorting. And now that the commute is taking so much of my time, I can only get to the sorting on the weekends. It’s really going to take forever. Sigh.

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